Overview i.Event makes it easy for you to plan events of you, your family and your friends, such as meetings, family events, birthdays and many other things. It will help you to don’t forget them.  Features -Add and edit groups for gifts and exercises with many options (due date,  notifications, sounds, notes,..) and attach contacts to them. Besides you can add indefinetly more gifts/exercises (e.g) for bigger events and sort them. -Create and edit events (also with many options) -Attach gift-groups and exercise-groups to them. -Automatically sorted entries (overdue, next and finished) with much information displayed -Clear  and intuitive user interface -Overview function to quickly see next events -Background notifications when i.Event is not running -Password protection -Add and import contacts, customize information about them And much more.. © 2011 Jan-Niklas Freundt iTunes will open