Overview i.Protect is not a normal password organisation app - It is a security bag! Many other apps offer less features (e.g. only password organisation for high prices (10 USD!)). Why? - Good question! i.Protect - The Security Bag offers many features for a small price in combination with high security (AES-256 encryption, used for documents with highest priority in the US!). Features -7 different main functions: 1. Password Mangement with Templates, Folders and much more 2. Browser, to visit webistes and show your profiles 3. Links, to store your bookmarks securely 4. Photos, import from your library and keep them secure! 5. Notes, to safe your ideas and texts + images 6. CodeGen - Generate safe passwords 7. Folders + 2-layer-encryption (AES-256 + hardware encryption) + 2-layer-protection with UnlockCode and Mastercode to keep your most private data secure. Configurable self-destroy. And much more..