Our Apps for Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Now also for MAC OS X. Check out Beatmaster and Downloaded! iCompany has developed and published many great apps: Apps availble for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad: i.Event, i.Protect, Doodle Downwards, i.Note and Alarm Clock Ultimate HD NEW - Apps available on the Mac App Store:  Downloaded, Beatmaster All are optimized and completely invented for Apple’s® iPhone or Mac OS X and tested on iOS 5/Mac OS X Lion. iCompany tests the apps on new devices before, e.g. an iPhone 4 because they are optimized for the Retina display. But we also test them on older devices, for example an iPod Touch 2G to make sure that everyone can enjoy them. You can inform yourself about the features, the design and much more on the next pages. Hopefully our apps will find a way to your device/to your Mac because this will make the apps even better! The apps are available on the App Store and/or the Mac App Store. If you have questions, feel free to contact the developer on the “Contact” page directly. To stay in touch please visit our Twitter profile and follow us if you like to do so! More information: i.Note - Jot down your notes and texts i.Protect - The Security Bag for codes, photos, notes and links i.Event, the event planer with integrated to-do list Doodle Downwards, help Parachute Doodle to stay alive Alarm Clock Ultimate HD, your personal alarm clock
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